Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Aug. 17, 1977

Where were you on August 16, 1977?
I was working at the gift shop at the 
Hermitage, Home of President Andrew
My mom called to tell me about 
Elvis. There was a shop full of folks since
it was raining really hard outside and they
had gathered there till it let up. 
Everyone was in shock, surprised 
and stunned. 

I loved Elvis. He had an amazing 
voice. And oh those eyes!

Saw him in concert once. 
Touched his hand while he was 
leaning over the crowd. 

I loved his movies too.
Loved watching them.
Sort of miss seeing those 
movies these days. 

What was your favorite 
Elvis movie?

1956Love Me TenderClint Reno[19]
1957Loving YouJimmy Tompkins (Deke Rivers)[20]
1957Jailhouse RockVince EverettAdded to the National Film Registry in 2004[21]
1958King CreoleDanny FisherFinal film before military service[22]
1960G.I. BluesTulsa McLean[23]
1960Flaming StarPacer Burton[24]
1961Wild in the CountryGlenn Tyler[25]
1961Blue HawaiiChad Gates[26]
1962Follow That DreamToby Kwimper[27]
1962Kid GalahadWalter Gulick / Kid Galahad[28]
1962Girls! Girls! Girls!Ross Carpenter[29]
1963It Happened at the World's FairMike Edwards[30]
1963Fun in AcapulcoMike Windgren[31]
1964Kissin' CousinsJosh Morgan / Jodie TatumFilmed after Viva Las Vegas[32]
1964Viva Las VegasLucky Jackson[33]
1964RoustaboutCharlie Rogers[34]
1965Girl HappyRusty Wells[35]
1965Tickle MeLonnie Beale / Panhandle Kid[36]
1965Harum ScarumJohnny Tyronne[37]
1966Frankie and JohnnyJohnny[38]
1966Paradise, Hawaiian StyleRick Richards[39]
1966SpinoutMike McCoy[40]
1967Easy Come, Easy GoLt. (j.g.) Ted JacksonFilmed after Double Trouble[41]
1967Double TroubleGuy Lambert[42]
1967ClambakeScott Heyward[43]
1968Stay Away, JoeJoe LightcloudFilmed after Speedway[44]
1968SpeedwaySteve Grayson[45]
1968Live a Little, Love a LittleGreg Nolan[46]
1969Charro!Jess Wade[47]
1969The Trouble with GirlsWalter Hale[48]
1969Change of HabitDr. John Carpenter(final film role)[49]
1970Elvis: That's the Way It IsHimselfConcert documentary[50]
1972Elvis on TourHimselfConcert documentary[50]

    What was your favorite Elvis song?
    Was going to copy and paste a list
    of songs but this would be a really
    love post that way.

    The King of Rock and Roll has been gone
    for 40 yrs. 
    Wow....I just realized that I have 
    aged since that day of Elvis' death. 
    I was 17 on that day...time

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    Tuesday, August 15, 2017

    Dreaming of Fall

    We are looking at the 
    end of this summer.
    And looking to the next

    I love fall!
    I love the crisp cool air.
    I love the smells.
    I love the fall colors.
    The orange, the reds
    the browns and the gold

    Do you decorate for fall?
    I really don't do it for fall but
    I do for Halloween. 

    Here are some really cool
    porch decorations for 

    Makes me yearn for fall now!

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    Monday, August 14, 2017

    Random Posting

    Yesterday was a better day for me and 
    today was about them same. 
    I had been telling mom that I would 
    come and scrub her kitchen so I decided
    that today would be the day.

    Shortly after getting there and chilling
    on the deck with mom, the bottom
    dropped out.

    While sitting there on the deck I kept
    looking at mom's flowers. I knew they
    were real but they are so pretty and perfect
    that they don't appear real. Love the color.

    I have been seeing this set up for a while today I was stopped
    at the light and tried to get a good shot.
    Notice the sign....Bliss Dental
    and then right below it is Aspen Dental.
    What I did not get in the pic was the
    sign of the bldg. next door for the
    furniture/mattress store and it is next
    door to Mattress Firm.
    Talk about competing against
    each other.

    Today's gas prices $2.07.  What does gas go for where you

    After leaving mom's house I ran by my brothers
    house. Mom made us some chicken salad so I dropped
    his off to him. He lives right at Old Hickory Lake so
    I stopped to check things out.  Gray on this rainy

    About to leave I look over and noticed this guy.

    I was worn out after doing mom's kitchen and
    still not feeling up to par so I came home and
    laid out of the couch.

    These two was not really wanting me to
    sleep...they wanted to play, on my feet!


    After a nap Lily decided she wanted mommy loving.
    Then she fell asleep on me. Here in the first pic
    she stretches in her sleep.

    Below she is waking up! Look at that TIGER like 

    While Lily is curled up on me, Dakota is at
    my feet snoring.

    He is just so sweet.

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    Random Posting Including a Flare

    This has been me for the 
    last week...
    esp the last few days.

    I had a Fibro flare up.
    Last week while at my brothers
    I just laid around and I slept
    a lot. The fatigue that goes with it
    is horrible. 

    And yes....I miss the person 
    I used to be. 

    1.5 yrs ago the doc told me that 
    I had to except that I was not
    who I used to be....that I had 
    to let go.

    WOW....I knew this stuff but it was
    sort of a smack in the face to 
    hear that from a doc.

    And yes....I find myself saying this.

    Anyway, at Kroger the other day I 
    saw these. I love fall and I love
    Halloween! Now that I feel
    a little better I plan on making
    some stuff for the house.

    I think I mentioned that I would be
    doing a fund raiser for the
    Pet Community and I had
    started getting some things ready
    for that but after this flare I 
    realized I might not be able
    to make that. 
    It is hard to plan ahead for things
    like this cause you never
    know how you will be feeling.
    I pulled out of the event.

    Now, since I felt some better 
    yesterday I went to craft room
    that I am trying to organize...haha
    what a chore.
    I located this office piece that
    I saved for something I 
    saw on Pinterest.

    Hoping this helps keep these items organized.

    Saw this on FB...
    Which would you like the

    Me I think I am drawn to B
    the most.

    Last but not least on this 
    random post...
    my brother got my sis in law
    a Plasma cutter for Christmas.
    Her and my brother made this
    metal sign for the community
    that my sis in law is from
    in Franklin NC. 

    Her brother and sis in law painted
    it since it was all metal and 
    the community helped to
    hang it. 

    Nice job!

    Thanks for stopping in,