Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Saturday 8/31/13

The college girl is home for the
Welcome home Holly.
She dropped by the house on the way
out for lunch to pick up a gift
I had for her.
Tried to get a shot of her but
I got the
Here is her gift. I made this
for her to hang in her dorm.
I think she really liked it.
This evening Dakota and I sat on the deck
after it cooled down some. We stayed
as long as we could. The blood
sucking mosquito's just love me.
Anyway while I sat there I played with
Love the black smoke I caught in this shot.
Was watching a leave dance around while
got in a web. Looks cool just
floating there.
A summer bloom just hanging its head
in wait for winter.
These guys are everywhere this year, all over
the yard and deck.
And yet another one.
Look really hard and you will see the
And the creek is filling up...and not with
water but with leaves that are falling all over
the yard.
It might look and it might feel like fall
at times but I still have some things in bloom.
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another Hodge Podge of Pics...

Have loved this weather in TN. this yr....not hot
and not humid.
But I could have done without the rain.
With all this rain, lots of breeding of
blood sucking mosquito's, and
they LOVE me.
Let me mention also that I live on a creek.
Lots of rain, lots of breeding, a creek and
lots of bites.
Having to spray bug spray on me just
to go out and water plants.
So with that, I wonder if I
could invent a mosquito proof
outfit to wear each time I go out....
Think on that one.
While watering last night I ran across
a lot of those writting spiders. He is
a little one.
Click on it for a better view.
Now to show you what I picked up at
Goodwill this week.
I got this at a Goodwill in the
next city...15 min. down the road.
I thought it would be amazing in
a garden or on this table with a plant

Today at the Goodwill in my area I picked
this up...
.99 cents.
I have wooden numbers to hang on it.
Thinking this would be great on my
desk at work.
Enough of that....I went by to
see my grandboys yesterday evening.
They are so funny sometimes.
This is Caleb...soon to be 13.
He really thinks he is cool...
Isn't he handsome?

Middle grandson..
Blowing a bubble at me.
DJ up are so silly.
And lets not forget the toe nail chewer...
For a few weeks I have been noticing these sunflowers
growing at a mailbox as you head out of my
Last week on the way to work I grabbed the
camera and stopped to get a pic of them.
I pulled the car right up under them!
Good thing I did....this week they are dying
Bloom on a Peace Lily.
Mom's house..

This is Dakota AKA the KING at mom's
and this is his throne at mom's.
He thinks he is too good to sit and or
lay on the ground like a regular dog.
Nope....not the KING.
Here he is looking up at the squirrel that
he chased up the tree. This squirrel
loves messing with the KING.

Got this a couple of weeks ago. I have wanted
one all summer. Deep Red....I love it.
It is now planted in the yard.

And my last shot. Took this
the other day as I was pulling
out of my parking place at work!
Not the best pic....cell phone.
But I love it.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Hodge Podge of Things

I have been having some dryer issues so
my youngest brother Mark came over
to see what he could do to fix the issues.
When he walked in the door he handed me
A cast iron dog.
He had gotten this at Hobby Lobby and
decided to paint it.
After painting it his wife Kim told him
it looked like a hotdog.
Mark then added the yellow paint....
I love it.
This next pic was not taken by me.
But this is my brother Mark in Fla.
holding his catch of the day!
Pretty big.

Flipping through my pics to decide
what this blog would be about and
I saw this. I took it several
months ago on the desk of
my co worker.
No, no, was not
like that when I saw it.
But this is what can happen
when you leave your office
for just a few minutes.
Yikes.....the end of August and the leaves
are starting to turn in the Nashville Tn
Took this over the weekend.
Heard this morning where we have gotten
as high as 97 this yr...that is
a far cry from the 100 plus we usually
have. I have loved it.

My kitchen table. Given to me
by my oldest brother Ray and his
wife Lori.
I was not sure what I wanted to do with it
but I started to strip the top when I
finally realized that I might just
hit it with a sander and seal it.
I have these projects in my head that
just will not go away. Problem is
I know that I can't take them on
like I use to.
This is my kitchen.
Over look the clutter.
But I am thinking of redoing my cabinets.
Please stop me now!! lol

I saw this look in a cream and gray.
looked great. You know how fresh paint
But...there again, I think I am talking myself
out of.
If I do paint them again,
I might go with the cocoa brown on
bottom and cream on top...removing
the ivy.
That is a hard choice because my son that
is in Calif. now helped me to paint
the ivy on there. I taught him to stencil
when he was about 9 or 10 and he did a lot
of this. He is 26 now.

But I will keep that project in my head till
I decide if I can take it on.....or at least
till I finish some others that are started.
Sitting a stop sign in the neighborhood the
other day and this guy rides by...
When I caught up to him he was in one lane and
me at the other....stopped at a red light of course.
I talked to him about his dog and he
said that the dog loved to ride.
I thought rev that thing
up anywhere near my dog and he
Scared of everything.

Found this on facebook and I loved it.
So true..
Growing up in the 70's was a great time.
Wishing my kids and my grandkids could
have enjoyed the carefree days.

Saw this of FB this morning...
lol....had to laugh, I threw some
of those hangers away just the other day.
Who knew?

Also saw this one this
I have a special person in mind for this one.
And I have often said this about that person
many times.

I have started working on these again.
Winter scarves.
I like to keep them made up for
a fast gift.

Cobi Montgomery-
move in day at college...
first yr.
have fun, study hard...

My mom's neighbors....

So funny to come to her house and pull in
the drive to hear crowing and chicken noises.

Never would have heard this in the hood while
growing up...
but the law was past that you can have
chickens in the neighborhood now.

Mom says crowing at 4 or 5 am is a pain.
Thank you for stopping in,
Please come again,

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DuPont Class of 1983 Reunion

I had the honor of photographing the class
of 1983 DuPont High School Reunion recently.
It was a blast.
My sister in law, Kim graduated with the class
of 1983.

Kim's megaphone.

From an annual.

The class that turned out.

My brother in the orange.

My sweet sis in law,

Thanks for stopping in,

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Midnight Critter - YUCK

First let me say for those reading this .....
HATE is not even a strong enough word,
FEAR comes closer
to the correct word.
turn causes me to
HATE them also!
Yep....I think that covers it.
At 1 am this morning my dog, Dakota,
AKA the KING decided that he had
to go out.
I went down the stairs, half a sleep to
let him out. I was looking down at him as
he stepped on the porch, and with him, he
has stand there and check out the yard
before venturing out.
Just as he stepped down off the porch, I
looked up to see this:
I was NO longer half a sleep!
This BIG critter had built a web, a big web right over
my steps going up on my porch...YIKES.
Did I happen to mention that he was about 1.5
inches long? YEP....he was BIG.
I have a can of bug spray sitting on my table right next
to the door and I really, really thought about spraying him.....
but I did not. Mark (my brother) would be so proud
of me for not killing him. My thoughts on the
matter were that, he was outside, he was catching food
and I figured he would be gone in the morning.
If not, then I will spray him then.
He was gone!
I looked around but there was no sight
of him.
I also figure he is probably living/hiding in
my fern hanging right there.
Stay away from me and I will keep the
spray away from you.
Course it took me awhile to fall back to
sleep....visions of that SPIDER kept
staying in my head.
Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Projects

My projects for the weekend started with
me getting the pics to my niece
Holly for her to give to
her mom and dad, and
one to her granny.
I had taken these weeks ago.
Framed them and had
them in gift bags with a card for
Holly to give out.
Holly left for college for the first time
on Sat.
I thought this was just the thing
for her to give.
Then the next step of projects was to
put a final coat of sealer on my
other niece, Jessica's TV stand
I did for her.
These two things took place on Friday evening.
Saturday I started a painting that I am
giving as a birthday gift.
Started and finished.

Last week I bought some Abalone shell
earrings at a friends store.
But everyone knows that I can't
wear earrings without a matching
So also, last week I made a trip to Michael's
and found what I needed.
Last night I made the
But....I guess I was on a roll. I saw a clock
somewhere that I thought was so cute...
so I decided to make Holly one for
her dorm room.
All done except an extra 1 that I
need to pick up today for the twelve.
Supplies used for the clock ...
A 9x9 canvas
teal paint
black paint
a used clock from Goodwill $2.99 (this
gives you the motor and the hands)
black stick on lettering
Painted the canvas teal and painted
the numbers black.
The hands were already black.
Put a hole in the canvas and
stuck the motor into it from the
back. Gluing around the hole to
make sure it don't rip.
Clip the hands in place.
Apply WHATEVER to the canvas
and glue the numbers on.
The canvas was on sale for $2.00.
Numbers (with extra's I can use later) $1.99.
Letters (on hand) $2.99.
Goodwill clock $2.99.
Black paint on hand
and teal paint $1.27.
Just shy of $12.00...not
bad for a cute clock special made
for someone.
Thanks for stopping in,