Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blonde, Senior Moment or Lack of Oxygen to the Brain!?

I figure if anyone is following
and reading my blog they
probably figure I am one
big flake! I once had a
man I worked for tell me
that people would not
know the crazy things
I do if I did not come in
work and tell it. I
proceeded to tell him
that I get such a laugh
out of things that happen
to me that I want to share
to make others laugh.

Things like forgetting

where you park, taking
the bus when your car
is downtown, going the
wrong way on a one way
street…..things like that.
But usually they result in
something funny, so I share.

Friday was one of those

days for me. First off, I
forgot my keyed badge
that gets me into the
building. It gets me in
the front door and then
again through two more
doors before I get to my
office. I stopped off at
the guard’s desk and
got a visitor badge to
show I was suppose to
be in the bldg., but they
are keyed. So of course
I had to borrow someone
else’s badge every time
I had to go to the restroom
or to lunch.

The day seemed to go

more down hill after that
and got a bit funnier.

On break, Deborah, Cindy

and I went to the work out
room to do our usual
walking. I hopped up on
the treadmill, turned it
on and started walking.
Deborah and Cindy were
next to me on other
equipment, when I looked
down at my feet and started
to laugh. They had no clue
what I was laughing about
but I let the treadmill take
me to the end of the
equipment (did not turn it off)
and I jumped on the floor,
bent over, laughing my
head off. Both women
thought something was
wrong and was asking me
what was the matter, I was
laughing to the point I
almost did not get it out
that I had on two different
tennis shoes!

Friday is casual day at

work and I grabbed my
shoes to put on before
leaving the house. Both
pair was together, both
are white with blue
markings on them.
Two different brands.
You would have thought
I would have noticed them
when I slipped them on
or when I walked in them….
yes, they felt different
and one pair is a bit tighter
then the other pair. BUT NO…
I found out after getting
to work. The good thing,
like I said, they look alike.

I could have changed into

the ones I have under my
desk for daily walking but
then I was afraid I would
forget to bring them
back to work. So yes, I wore the
shoes all day. I left work
early that day to go have
my eyes checked and
before going to the drs appt.
I ran by the house and changed!

I am really not a flake.

I am not blonde (forgive
me all the blondes out
there), it could a senior
moment but I don’t think
so, I write it off as being
lack of oxygen to the brain
moments (with my sleep apnea)!

Have a great day,

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Play - Hello Dolly

Last night my niece and I attended

her school's play of Hello Dolly.

Once again, I was amazed an
so entertained. The drama school
at DCA is packed full of some of the
most talented kids I have ever seen.

The teachers are so fantastic and it
is a given that they are so well liked
by the students. They do an awesome

The night started with the two teachers
thanking the crowd for being there and
for introducing the up coming play.

The painted background was so nicely
done. I believe it was painted by
students and parents of the students.

There were several scene changes. The
park like backgroud, the store, the
restaurant, hat store and others. The
crew that worked at doing that were on
their toes, fast, and did a great job.

The actors and actresses were fantastic.
Not a word was forgotten and these kids
breezed right through the 2.5 hour show.
It was a really nice night out with Holly,
who by the way is in the 8th grade ( I earlier
said she was in the 7th). Some of her friends
sat with us also.

I have to say that the production
of Hello Dolly was the best. The students,
teachers, and tech crew did, as always,
a great job. They rent the customes and
like I said, parents like my brother Mark
(Holly's dad) who work very hard to get
the stage set up in the gym and to hang
the curtains.

It will be really nice to see the show next
year with Holly performing in it since
she will be in the drama class then.

Thank you for stopping in...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Honor

On April 25th, 2009, I will
have my first showing for my
art work. My paintings will be
displayed for viewing and sale
that night. I am very excited for
this chance to show my oil

The Gallery of a Mad House Wife
in Watertown TN. is where I will
be showing. Check it out at
www.galleryofthemadhousewife.com .
They feature two local artist on
one night a month.

I have recently been in
contact via email with
the young gentleman that
I will be sharing that night
with. He is in the service,
has been for five years. He
has served two tours so
far with another one on
horizon. He is 24 years
of age with a wife and a
baby less then a year old.
Bless this young man and
his family for loaning him
to us.

Trevor will be doing a
patriotic theme, showing
photo’s that he took in Iraq .
Check out his site at
www.elliottgallery.net .

I am excited over my first
showing and I am so honored
to be sharing it with this
young man. Please keep
him and all of our service
men and women in your

Thank you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Don't Speak ENGLISH

In my office we have lots
of laughs in passing on
daily basis.
There are always one
liner’s that probably
would not mean a thing
to any of you but they fit
a moment or time there in
the office and they become
a motto, or ism.

Just last week we had one
that became a joke for the
day. While answering our
1-800 line, I heard Cindy
tell someone on the other
end, that she did not speak
English! Now, Cindy speaks
it just fine. But she was
having an off day and he
person on the other end
of the line was speaking
Spanish to her, in that
off moment she slipped in
what she was going to say
(English) and said the
wrong thing. What got me
so tickled was that after
answering the phone,
announcing the business
name, I heard that remark,
but she never faltered or said
that she meant Spanish…she
just kept right on talking.
I heard her hang up the
phone and I asked her if
I had heard what I heard
and she busted out laughing.
That became the joke for the
day. So when asked a question
you did not care to reply to,
you said “I don’t speak English”.

This little slip up went even
further. I was telling my
Mom about it later on the
phone and she wanted Cindy’s
direct line to call her and
say “Do you speak English”.
I told Mom I would email it,
Cindy would hear me if I
gave it out. In my state of
sleep apnea bliss (or my
lack of oxygen to the brain
moment) I was in the mist
of emailing that number to
my Mother, when I actually
emailed it to Cindy herself.
I was unaware of this until
I hear Cindy say “ You
trying to screw with my
mind?” I am thinking,
okay, what have I done,
then it hits me and I am
trying to figure out how to
get out of that one. Finally
she ask me if I was wanting
to call her or something,
but when she came and sat
in my office and wanted to
know what was up…I had
to give and admit that it
was a joke that back fired
cause I messed it up. That
got an even bigger laugh
then the English thing.

Don’t get me wrong, we do
work, but with the things
we deal with on a daily basis,
we have to have those laughs
to get us by. Its nice to work
in an office that allows those
jokes and laughs.

I want to also thank the
gentleman that left the
comment yesterday on the
sleep apnea. I will be checking
out the forums you suggested.
I wished my machine had
one of those cards, but it was
cheaper on the insurance
company (you must no how
that goes) to buy me one
without it. I have learned
my lesson this time, little
changes will be looked at
as a possible sleep problem
from here on out. And thank
goodness this time did not
require the sleep study,
I was able to take a machine
home from the doctor’s
office that did the same thing.
Thanks again.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sleep Apnea/Migraines/Health

On a serious note, do you
realize just how important
sleep is to your body. I have
found this out, might I add,
the hard way.

I suffer from sleep apnea. It
was discovered that I had this
sleep issue in Oct. of 2005. It
was a blow to me because not
only was I told this, I was told
that I had to sleep on a machine
that would pump air into my
nose at night to keep me breathing.

For those of you who know
nothing about sleep apnea
let me enlighten you a bit.
There are 3 kinds of sleep
apnea. Obstructive, Central,
or a combo of both. Mine is
obstructive sleep apnea and
that is the most common type.
With obstructive sleep apnea it
most often means that the
airway has collapsed or is
blocked during sleep. The
blockage may cause shallow
breathing or breathing pauses.
Here is my history. I had
headaches, daily. They ranged
on a scale of 1-10, most times
on the lower end of that scale,
dull, nagging, but none the same,
still there. Then on other days,
they would fall in the center of
the scale. Once a month or so
I would have that stabbing, sick,
headache. The one where you
could not lift your head, you
were physically sick and even
the littlest of a sound would
send you to a dark room. I had
these headaches for a year and
a half. I never talked to my
doctor about them, since I had
allergies, I assumed they were
caused from that. The once a
month bad one, I knew was
linked to hormones.

Then came the really bad one.
I thought my head was going
to explode or that something
in there was going to bust.
I called the dr. and went
straight over. Scan was done
of the head, I was sent to an
ear, nose and throat dr. but
neither one of these could
tell me what the problem was.
Finally my dr. said that it
sounded like I was suffering
from migraines. I could see the
once a month one being that,
but not the daily ones. Well,
to a specialist I went and yes,
I had what was called common
migraines. Someone who has
these is basically a person that
has a headache daily. Wow…
that was news to me, but at least
I had a name for them now
other then just a headache.

I was put on preventative meds
that helped for a few months
but then they were back
again. In the office of the
specialist one day I
mentioned that I had them
when I woke and kept them
all day. That was the red
flag that he needed. He
told me he needed me to
have a sleep study. I was
not happy with the news
that I could have this,
and I was not exactly
sure what all it meant.
So that is where the internet
came in handy. I love the internet.

My study showed that I had
sleep apnea. At night when I
laid to sleep, the soft tissue in
my throat would fall down and
close off my breathing. In a 7
hour sleep study I was told I
was lucky to be getting 2 hours
of sleep. I had 146 episodes,
and I stopped breathing anywhere
between 10 seconds to 40
seconds at a time. This cuts
off the oxygen to the brain,
causing the migraines.

The hard part was the machine,
getting use to having air blown
up your nose and then to have
this mask attached to your face,
that covers most of your face.
But once you have that first
good night of sleep…wow,
the difference. If corrected
my migraines. Of course, I
will still have one here and
there but not like I was.

In 2005, my doctors office
asked me did I snore as a
child. I told them I did really
bad as a teen, and of course
I did then too. They told me
that I had probably had this
since I was young but what
happens is as you get older,
the inside of your body acts
like the outside, everything f
alls south. That is why mine
got worse. Of course, my
weight has not helped the
issue either. The thing with
the weight is, sleep apnea
is effected by it, but on the
flip side, your weight is
effected by the sleep apnea.
So it’s a no win thing.

It gets even better then
that. I have been using
my machine since 2005.
Yes, there have been times
that I have slacked up but
for the past year I have been
doing it like I should.
But things have not been
right for the last 6 months
or so. I was not feeling well
and I was so sore. Every
muscle in my body was sore
daily but I thought it was
my weight ( I had gained
40 lbs in the last 1.5 years).
But with sleep apnea, you
don’t realize that you are
waking at night or that
your sleep is being messed
up. I have been tired,
hurting, no energy…but
then in February the
headaches came back
daily, that was my clue
that something was not
right with the sleep.

New referral (insurance
change), new dr. and he
explained so much to me.
The reason for the muscle
soreness is I now have
fibromyalgia. The sleep
dr. seems to think that
with sleep it will get
better. What has been
happening, just like the
migraines, no oxygen
was getting to my muscles
at night and they were
having spasms all night.
No wonder I could not
get comfortable and I
tossed and turned all
night. Thought I needed
to buy a new mattress and pillows.

And it gets better or worse
even yet….sleep apnea
can effect your blood
pressure (mine is still
good, probably the
only good thing I have
going), blood sugar,
weight, heart (with
attacks, irregular heartbeat
and failure), migraines,
fibromyalgia, it can also
be a cause for IBS, acid
reflux, and asthma.
With that let me name
what all I have. Years
ago I developed migraines,
asthma, then came the
acid reflux, then the
sleep apnea (although
I probably already had
it and it had not reared
its ugly head yet, but
maybe caused the first
two things I named).
A year and a half ago I learned I had IBS, course the weight thing has been an issue the last
20 years or more. Now
with this last go around
with the sleep (and keep
in mind, I was trying to
take care of myself…finally),
I developed the fibro and
according to lab work from
last week, high levels with
my blood sugar. Now…
the cholesterol is my
fault and something that
I am working on and I
can’t blame it on the sleep
other then to say that
cooking healthy has been
hard cause I have not even
had the energy to walk to
the kitchen!

I am on a low fat/low sugar
diet now and walking. I
have been sleeping with a
new pressure change on
my machine and a new
mask for a week and a
half now and I feel like
I will live again. But to
explain how bad it got,
I barely could lift my feet
to walk. I got to work and
I sit in my chair, I made
myself get up to go to the
bathroom when I needed
to, I went home, I crashed.
I set two alarms, I turned
two alarms off each morning
only to drag myself up to take a
shower, do my hair and go
take a 30 min. nap
sitting straight up
on the couch in
front of the news.
To rush and get
up and dress and
throw on my makeup
and drag into work.
I did this for the last
6 months…only the
last two before the
pressure change
was really hard.
Now…I look back
and I am not sure how I did it.

Sleep…..who ever knew
the damage it could do?
I do now.

I am not happy with the
pressure change, it was
a major jump but I
have to do what I have
to do to make it daily.
Life sucks at times.

Thanks for stopping in.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Girls Night Out

Every so often, maybe once or twice a year
my niece, Holly, and I do a girls night out.
We have done movies, Hauntings at The
Hermitage for Halloween but our favorite thing
to do is to attend a play put on by the drama class
where Holly goes to school.

The first year I was to attend I was sick but
it was one I really wanted to see, my fav,
"The Wizard of Oz". My Mom went with
Holly then. The next year,
Holly and I attended the performance
of "The Beauty and the Beast" and last
year we saw, "Thoroughly
Modern Millie".

Holly goes to a private school with an
excellent drama teacher. The kids that
put on these shows are awesome.
The acting is great, they are on top of
it, never forgettting their words and they
have a great cast for scene changes.
The show last about 3 hours.

It's time for Holly and my Girls Night
Out again. This year the drama class
is putting on " Hello Dolly". I am so
excited about this show, it should be
a really great and it will be another
evening for Holly and I to spend together.
Our night out is this coming Saturday night.

On top of this, Holly is my families Drama
Queen (my nickname to her). She is a big
cut up, always the entertainer.
She can act, sing, and play the panio.
She is always getting up in front of us and
putting on some kind of act. She can
do the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, lines to a tee!
At her school, you can't be in the drama
class until you are in the 8th grade. The
drama teacher has been keeping an eye
on Holly and just waiting for the
day she will be in her class. Holly is in
the 7th grade this

Over the summer the school has a
week long drama
camp which Holly has attended
twice. At the end of the
week they put on a play, these are
kids that are not in the
drama class. The first year they
put on "Annie". Holly
played, and might I say, very well,
Ms. Hannigan!
She had the attitude, the look,
and the facial expression
down so well. I was so proud of her.

At last years play, she was Alice
in Alice and Wonderland.
There again, she was great in
her part. She never fails
to amaze me.

Next year, I will attend the play the
drama class puts on
with my family not Holly. We will
have to find another
way to enjoy Girls Night Out...since
Holly will be in the
play next year. I look forward
to watching her. The child
has such talent.
Stop back in and see how
things go.
The pics above are Holly as Alice.
Leave a comment if you will. I so enjoy
reading what you think of my postings.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rubber Bands

Ever wonder who invented them? The rubber band was
patented in Australia on March 17, 1845 by Stephen
Perry Bobstein.

They have been used for so many things from

making rubber band balls to shooting at each
other, from holding papers to being used as a
fastener for a garment.

The largest rubber band ball was created by Office

Max, it came in at 4594 pounds, circumference of
19 feet and took 175, 000 rubber bands. Not a
ball your child could bounce around or roll back and forth!
I can see that one bouncing down the hill now.

My favorite has been the use of them as a gun.

Now it is not something I do all the time but
I have been known to shoot a few.

About 15 days before leaving my last job, a new

young guy came to work there. He was a quite
sort, but he could shoot out one liners really well.
An easy guy to like and for some reason him and
I hit it off with the rubber band fights. It was a
daily thing for the two of us to shoot a few at
each other in passing, or…..to seek each other
out just to start a rubber band fight. Not me
of course! 8^).

I was sitting at work just yesterday when I

received an email from this guy. Not getting
emails from him often, I knew it had to be good.
He changed my signature that is placed at the
bottom of my work email from reading,
“Should you encounter a problem along your
way, change your direction but not your
destination”, to reading “Should you encounter
a problem along your way……..run!” Then
attached to this email was a photo, just for me,
sent with all the best wishes I am sure………………….

I really hope he is not saving these for when we
meet up again!
It does make for a really neat background pic for
my computer. Thanks Drew for the laugh, I am
practicing up just for you...send some of those
rubber bands over to me to use.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It’s spring and I love to listen to the birds singing
outside. Alas, I am not feeding them anymore for
fear of bringing the squirrels back to the yard but I
figure they will not starve to death.

I have never wanted a bird for a pet but I have had
friends that have had them. My sister in law, Lori
has one and so does my brother. Lori got hers first,
actually my brother Ray got it as a gift for her. I can’t
remember how long she has had Lola but I want to
say about five or six years now. Lola is a pretty little
colorful bird. She is a one woman bird! When Lori
first got her she would not let anyone else handle her.
I love animals, esp. if they belong to someone else and
I don’t have to care for them. So I was drawn to Ms. Lola
only she loved to take plugs out of my hands and fingers.

I used to house and animal sit for
Ray and Lori a lot
and I was so determined that
Ms. Lola was going to
like me. So we started with me
telling her that if I took
her out of the cage and she bite,
pecked or took a plug out,
she went back in. I would no sooner
get her out then I was
putting her right back in. She learned…
smart bird. Lola will
allow me to take her out now, she does
not peck at me anymore.
She loves to crawl up on my arm into
my hair and try to nest.
But, she is still a one woman bird.
As is Ray’s bird being a
one man bird!

Ray got TJ about a yr. ago. Beautiful
big white bird
(sorry, I have no clue the real names
for these critters).
TJ is not really the playful kind of
bird that Lola is.
He loves to sit on the top of his
condo (cage) and view
the great room. He will raise
cane when Ray walks out
of the room but will be silent
when Ray is there. He will
fly across the room to sit on
Ray’s shoulder while he
messes on the computer.

TJ is not a fan of mine, or Lori’s
or anyone’s from what
I hear. Ray was telling me the
other day that Lori can
try and give him a nut and he
will turn away. He did
the same to me. But if Lori lays
it down, he will walk
over, pick it up and throw it in
the floor. I put something
up on the cage for him and when
I walked off he picked
it up and ate it. I was surprised.
He will not let me touch
him, let alone hold him.

TJ can say “What you doing Duffy” (talking to the dog)
and “ Big Boy”. Lola can whistle the theme song from
Mayberry RFD or is it the The Andy Griffith Show…and
the Oscar Myer bologna song. Ask her if she wants fresh
water and she will shake her head yes. That one threw
me when I first saw it!

Anyway, they are fun to visit. Fun to see, watch and listen
too. More fun to see them interact with their owner.

Thanks for dropping in,

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Things I Love

I was reading a friends blog today,
and she was talking about another blog she
follows and how this blogger was trying to get
from other bloggers a list of 200 things that we
all love. What an awesome way to get everyone


So that is what my blog will be about today,

what I love.

I love my kids, Amber who is 28 and Cory who is 21.
I love my two grandson’s, Caleb-8 years old and

DJ, AKA Peanut who is 4 months old. This is a given
to love your kids I would think.

I love my brothers Ray and Mark. Both have been

there for me many times. Both so different in many
ways from each other and totally different then
I am. I love their families, their wives and their
kids. Which gives me three
nephews and 3 nieces.

I love my Mom, who also has been there many,

many times for me. She is also the reason I am
an artist today. Almost nine years ago she
saw some of my sketches and felt I needed
to get into painting. She located a my teacher

and to this day I have produced 82 paintings.

And my dog, Dakota.

Okay, so maybe it is not a given to love your

family but I do. Yes, we have all had our own
issues with each other, but,
I do love them…

Now for the things I love:
I love the movie the Wizard of Oz. It’s a part of

my childhood that I always looked forward to once
a year. It is on a magical place where all your dreams
can come true. A place to forget your stress,
your worries and live in Dorothy’s fantasy world

for a while. I love hot air balloons and clowns…
okay, so I see a pattern here, colorful, child like things!
I love to watch snow fall, the laughter of
a child, the smell of oranges, the cool of a spring

night, a walk in the summer rain, riding in the spring
and fall with the windows down and the breeze blowing
in my face and hair and spending time with
my friends.

These are my favorite, I love things!
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's up with Mother Nature?

What is it with Mother Nature? Just yesterday it was
80 degrees here in the Nashville area. Pretty, sunny
and just down right nice!

Today however, its 43 right, cloudy and down right
COLD. Mother Nature is messing with us, giving us
a taste of spring only to rip it away and tell us that it
looks like winter is not over yet.

I see where parts of North Dakota got slammed with
snow blizzards yesterday and I guess I could be thankful
that we don’t have that here…oh wait, maybe not blizzards
but on the radio just a few minutes ago they are calling for
sleet, snow and rain tonight. Yippee, what happen to the
warmth of yesterday?

The weather sure has changed over the years. I can remember
living here in Nashville where as a child it was nothing to get
3 to 6 inches of snow a couple times a winter. Now, we get
what they call a dusting. I love snow, I love to watch it fall,
to look at it covering the ground (of course that is before
anyone gets out to mess it up)…but I love it like this if I
don’t have to get out in it. To stay snug in the house is the
way to enjoy snow. But, of course if I lived in Ohio like my
friend Nancy, where they get the moisture off one of those
Great Lakes up there and have snow all winter, I would never
leave the house.

My kid’s, or my grandkids had never seen SNOW before…I
mean, a covering of snow until about 3 years ago when we
were all in Great Lakes Ill. We left Nashville with 70 degree
temps with the news saying that the weather was turning off
bad and snow was heading in the Northern States. By the time
we hit Indiana, the temp started to drop and it rained all the
way through that state on us. Then we hit Ill., and yes, it was
colder then a well digger’s…rear end. We woke to 8 inches of
snow the next morning and by the time all was said and done,
there was over a foot of snow on the ground. Oh my gosh,
I had not seen that much snow since I was a kid, and like
I said, my kids had never seen it. I could have plopped my
grandson Caleb off into a snow drift and he would have been
lost to us till spring.

Anyway, those people are use to it. Nothing stopped them,
they kept right on going. My daughter thought maybe it
was a given that if you bought a truck there you had to
buy a plow for the front of it. Everyone had one!

And talk about COLD. Their 21 degrees in Chicago
(a day trip while there) is a lot colder coming off that
lake then our 21 degree’s here in Nashville are. My eye
balls felt like they were freezing.

I was, to say the least, never more happy to leave a place
before. For Chicago, lets just say…I have been there, done
that, have NO reason to go back!

Now for Mother Nature, what are you doing to us, stop
teasing us. I was enjoying the trees, bushes and flowers in
bloom. Wonder what the cold, snow, sleet and rain will do
to all that.

Stay warm folks.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yesterday on my drive home, windows down, wind blowing in

my hair a squirrel ran out in front of me and before I knew it

my car took on a mind of its own and started to veer off towards

him. The car did not hit him, those critters are so fast……but

oh how I aimed….I mean how my car aimed at him!

Why would I aim (yes, I will own up to it now) at a small

little critter like a squirrel? I use to think they were cute

and fun to watch as I sat on the deck. But, I did have issues

with them eating all the seed I put out for the birds. Little

did I know that over the years of feeding the birds, I was

probably drawing more of those cute, fun, no good, pest

to my yard!

This winter I found out just how not so cute they can be

when I started to hear a noise in my attic above my bed

one morning. I did not think a lot of it since the squirrels

usually ran across the roof from time to time. A few days

later while making the bed I heard them again, only being

more awake I realized that they sounded more inside and

not out. So…I ran out to look, no squirrels. Within the next

few days the winter decided to turn off a bit colder. A bit

my rear, it got freezing cold and the noise above my head

got worse. I don’t know if one was in heat or if one was fighting

off others from coming in but the noise that they were

making was somewhat like a crying baby. And the running,

oh my gosh, they were partying above my head and had not

invited me to join in.

What had happened was this, where two boards meet at

the corner of my house, access to the eve that jets out over

my bedroom windows, right above the head of my bed, they

chewed a hole. Yep…a perfect round hole. At that time they

began rodents, not cute critters. The running I was hearing

must have been where they were running up and down the

eve over the windows where there was no insulation. Once

they jumped into the attic I never really heard them, but oh

how they loved to run!

This one night was the worse, the night the temp dropped and it

was 11 degrees at 5:30 the next morning as I stood out in my

gown and waited for one of them to pop his head out of the hole.

What was I going to do? I have no clue, throw a rock maybe…I think

I was just so stressed, no sleep, tired, pissed and I wanted to see how

many came out. None showed their heads, my guess was they were

catching up on their sleep.

I called a pest company that morning. They were there by 9am.

It cost me a pretty penny to have the things trapped, relocated

(in the river I hope), a piece of metal screwed over the hole to

prevent return and the attic treated to kill an sent so that no

more made the choice to try and get in. I also paid to have the

trees cut away from the house….All in all $875.00.

The traps are set in the yard so that no damage is done to wires

in the house, apparently they use their paws to grab at anything

when caged. Nine of those demons were relocated (did I stress that

I hope they went in the river). Now, when I go out I do not have

squirrels swinging from limb to limb like monkeys would do.

I might see one here and one there. At first they did manage to

get on the roof, tried to chew their way back in at the metal that

was put up…finally to give up. I will have that repaired this summer.

But thank goodness I don’t have to repair the ceiling in my bedroom,

because if I had a shot gun, I would have blown more then one hole

in that ceiling that cold, freezing night.

So, if you have not gathered, I have no love for these critters anymore.

I have not even been feeding the birds for fear of drawing more back to

the yard again. Sixteen years of living in this house and I would never

have thought I would have to deal with that!

Yes, I think I will continue to aim at the squirrels!

Now to tackle the moles in the yard!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is here, everything is in bloom.

Fall is normally my favorite time of the year. I love the cool evening breeze and

the reds, oranges, and yellows of the beautiful trees as the leaves change.

Spring comes and brings its own bright colors, so full of life and hope.

Enjoy the beautiful colors, God's painting.


What Aphrodisiac Are You?

What an interesting question. Don’t you think?
I took a quiz on the internet called, “What Girl

Scout Cookie Are You?”
Upon taking that quiz and finding out what kind

of “cookie” I am, I sent it out to some friends of
mine so that they could also see what kind they
were. Mine seemed to be right about me, plus it
said I was a Peanut Butter Tagalong! My FAV
Girl Scout cookie! Interesting…and the descript
that went with it was:

You are creative and artistic. When you think,

you tend to think big. You go for the drama.
You love excitement and passion…even if it
gets you in trouble.
You are intense and a little self centered.

You can be quite full of yourself (but not without
You tend to be very indulgent. If you feel like

having something, you go ahead and treat yourself.

Well, after I sent that quiz out, my friend Nancy,

sent me one titled “What Aphrodisiac Are You?”….of
course I was going to take that one also. I am not
sure how much the description covers me but the
aphrodisiac does for sure!! It said I was “Chocolate”!
Yep…I love Chocolate.

The descript that went with it was:

You make people
feel euphoric and dreamy. You’re very addicting.
You definitely drive people to passion, lust, and .
even obsession.
While you are quite sensual, you are also

comforting. You sure know how to work your magic.
It doesn’t take long to get someone to love you.

Okay, so go to

And see what kind of aphrodisiac you are.
Then go to the Girl Scout one to see what fits you there http://blogthings.com/whatgirlscoutcookieareyouquiz/

Course I think my friend Nancy and Pam are chili

peppers! Wow…talk about being hot!!
Yep, think they got me beat in the aphrodisiac quiz!

Okay, so Pam I told on you, but I did not put it on facebook!!!

Thanks for dropping in.

Friday, March 6, 2009

From the past

While at work Tuesday, having a rough day, lack of
sleep the night before then finding out about my friends
passing, I get a call from my Mother.

The call went something like this:
Mom: Pam, you will never guess who
I got a call from today?
Me: No Mom, I have no clue.
Mom: Someone you know.
Me: Mom, I still have no clue, I know
a lot of people.

After that little bit of interesting conversation, she
told me it was a guy by the name of Sal. Yep, that
one is from the past. He had called her looking for
numbers for me.
Now the story:

In 1978 I took my little brother (he is now 46, so to say
little brother seems strange these days) to Orlando Fla.
for a bike (BMX) race. He was really into that and we
traveled around some to different states for some races.
Mom, Mark and I loaded up in my Horizon and headed
out one winter day with about 6 inches of snow on the
ground here in Nashville (that was where we got snow).
Got to Fla. and it was a beautiful 70 something degees. I loved it.

Well, for those of you who know me know that I am into
photography some. I have always had a camera since I
was about 12 yrs. old. This time, in Fla. was no different.
But I did not have a big professional camera, I had a little
pocket camera. Just the same, I was always taking pics.
The dirt track where these guys raced was no different.
Back in the 70’s and early 80’s BMX was a big thing.
Guys came from all over for these races.
Fun to watch, fun to meet people…I enjoyed it.

First day out at the Fla. track I was taking pics of my
brother and some of his friends as they came down the
track when this nice looking guy with a mop of curly
brown hair walked up to me and asked “are you the
official photographer”….my first thought, “ Oh what a
line”!!! We talked, I was a bit of a flirt back then but at
the same time I was a bit uneasy, I did not know this rider.
In the mist of our conversation, he asked me out that night,
asked me to go dancing. I just kind of put it off that I was
not sure what the family was doing, get back with me later.
After he walked off, my brother runs up and says, “Pam, do
you know who you were talking to, that is the King of the
East Coast, Sal Zeuner”. Okay…so I am thinking that had to
be a big thing but at the same time, thinking it meant nothing
to me! I told Mark that Sal asked me out and Mark and my
Mother both suggested I go. So….as it was, I did. Sal, was the
nicest. We had a good time, I met other riders, his brother and
after that we stayed in touch.

Sal is from New Jersey. We stayed in touch via phone and
letters (no email at that time). His brother, Terry and him
drove to Nashville for some racing and stayed with my family
and me for about a week. We did a lot of things together and
I showed him around Nashville a bit. We met again in several
other cities and I was due to go to NJ for a visit with his family
when Sal got a job on a BMX paper in Calif. My trip did not
come through.

Later, I married and we lost contact……UNTIL, after 9/11.
I tracked Sal down, via the internet (which is great by the way).
This was maybe about 6 or 7 years ago and I really
don’t remember but I think I either
found his brother or an uncle first who gave me
Sal’s number. Course Sal was married raising a
couple of kids. We talked a few times, I sent
him copies of pics I had taken when we had spent
time together, just reconnecting with an old friend.
Shortly after that, the connection
was lost again, both having busy lifes and things
to do….UNTIL,
Sal called this week.

He is going to be making a trip by motorcycle to the South
(as he put it) and wanted to swing by to see me, check out
what the Montgomery’s are doing these days. Said that
should be sometime in June. It will be great to see him…..
been 30 years.

Funny, over the past 10 years or so I have reconnected
with old friends and connections from school or from my
past. I find it a comfort in a way as I get older to kind of
relate to people that I knew when I was younger.
Was well as to have the friends around that I make
now or have had in the last few years with me.

Life is interesting!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Loss of a Friend

The loss of a friend is not easy.
Yesterday I learned that a friend of mine, which happens
to also be one of my best friend's aunt past on. Aunt Jane
turned 89 years old last October. She was a spitfire.
Always laughing and joking, yet always the lady.

I met Aunt Jane years and years ago, not actually
sure at what point since Debbie and I have been friends
for 28 years. But this woman was always so super nice
to me, invited me to visit and always wanted to see me
when she was in town.

Jane began to slow down about a year ago. But a few
months back she had what they think was a small stroke.
From there the memory started to go and within the last
few weeks she went down hill really fast. Although her
home was in Memphis TN. she had been spending the last
8 or so months with her son and his wife in SC. It became
clear that after falling and not being so sure on her feet that
she needed to just stay with them.

I remember once when she was here and I drove a big pick up
truck, we were going to go to dinner. Debbie and her Mom was
going to ride in their truck and Jane wanted to ride with me.
I had to help her up in it but only after she asked "How do I
get in this thing"?...and I told her " I will open the door and you
take running start, jump up and you are in"!

Jane was not a heavy drinker but she liked her night cap
every night. There was not a night that got by that she did
not have it....we figured her insides were probably pickled!

Jane is now with her sister, Jo, in heaven. Jo, Debbie's mom
left us in August of 2006. She was a spitfire also but in a
different way then Jane. Jo was a bit younger then her sister
but they were very close. Jo fought a battle with throat cancer
and won, but only to be fed for the next 8 years with a tube. The
chemo and radation destroyed her throat muscles. Later she
developed Parkinson's, lung trouble and heart trouble. All these
Debbie was told was due to the high dose of chemo and radation that
she had years before. Jane always came and helped take care of
her little sister when she was needed.

Both these women will be missed.

Monday, March 2, 2009

More on the 1st cruise….
Lori, Jessy, and Sean and I were in line to board the ship.
Two guys, both from another country, took their tickets.
They went to take mine and I thanked them. Must have
been the Southern accent, cause they asked where I was from.
After telling them right outside of Nashville, they asked me “where
beer for my horse and whiskey for my men are from”!

We got a good laugh from that, headed on up to the room. About an
hour later we went to an indoor restaurant to wait until our bags
made it to the room. Their was this young waiter dancing around
as he worked. He walked past our table a couple of times and I
proceeded to dance in my seat. Well, nothing doing, he had to get me
up and dance me around. More laughs, when my sister in law, Lori
looked at me and said “what is it with you, I can’t take you anywhere…
they are not paying attention to me like that”!

I figure they could tell the kids were her’s and she was sporting that wedding
ring. The next day we were laying around the pool, and Lori ordered
a drink. I decided to have one also. Well, everything you purchase on the
ship is billed to your room key. Lori handed him our key and when he came
back with the drinks, Lori looked at the receipt and my drink was not charged
on there. She asked and the guy said, “oh well, I buy my lady a drink”!!
By this time I am having a blast.

Our dinner waiters were the best. One was from Mexico and one

from Chili. We sat a table with another couple who had two kids and
on other couple that had none. The guy from Chili could not speak much
English, but he had killer brown eyes! He would greet me every evening,
take me by the hand and pull out my chair, then push it back. I would
always get a kiss on the hand or most times on the cheek. They were
making this single sailing woman feel
GREAT! I was loving the attention for sure.

Like I said, the Stewart always knew our name. We had our beds

turned down every night, towels tied or made to look like monkeys,
elephants or whatever. Everyone I encountered on the ship had a
smile upon their face, acted like they
were so excited to wait on us and treat us like gold.

The food was good, everywhere you looked there was a place to

eat. Dinner was a treat with the things you could try….like the snails
I had. My experience with Royal Caribbean was the best and I will
tell anyone that wants to cruise, go with

The cabin we had was small, but just fine for our needs. We

were not in there except to sleep. I only felt the ocean once
and that was the first night out. Other then that,
it was like walking on ground.

I so enjoyed my trip with my family. Lori and I always have

fun together and the kids had a good time also. We were
tired and ready to head for home after our four
days but it was very nice.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cruise 2003

In October 2003, my sweet sister in law, Lori and my
niece and nephew went on our first cruise. I was so excited
when Lori asked me to go along with her and the kids.
Our trip started out with us flying first into Maimi and
boarding our ship there.

We were to go to Nassau Bahama, Coco Cay and then to Key
West, Fla. I know I was so excited that I must have called Lori
two and three times a day for weeks.

First off, I had not seen the ocean since I was two years old
and here I was going to be floating on it for four days! Plus,
I had not flown since I was 18 years old, 25 years. This was a
couple years after 9/11 so you would have thought that maybe
there would have been some fear there. No there was not, I was just
to excited about my cruising vacation.

We traveled via Royal Caribbean on the Majesty of the Sea's ship.
Beautiful. I was so impressed with Royal Caribbean. Our stewart for
our room met us in the hall, introduced himself and he never forgot our
name. Pass him in the hall and spoke to you using your name. Never did
I see one person working that ship that did not always
have a pleasant smile upon their face. And our two guys who serviced our
table at dinner every night were the best. Needless to say, I felt like a queen,
I left feeling like a queen. Our first night out was a bit of an experience.
We had elected to get a cabin for the four of us, inside the center of the ship.
No port hole or window. After we came back to the cabin after dinner
the first night, we found our beds turned down with a piece of
chocolate on our pillow. Later that night I thought I was on the
Titanic! The ship was rocking, moaning and creaking. It must have
been around 4:30 or so and I got dressed to up top. I remember Lori asking
me where I was going and I said to check things out. She must not have
feared me washing overboard since I did not come back until around
7 when we docked in Nassau. I just grabbed a chair that was not tied
down at that point and sat on the highest deck on the ship. The wind
was whipping so hard that my hair stung my face as it slapped around.
I sat up there in the dark and just enjoyed the silence.

We decided to not take a tour in Nassau but instead we just walked
around. We went inside a Church and viewed the most beautiful stain
glass. We had lunch and just went in one shop after another.
We went back to the ship early and sat around the pool while the kids
ventured off around the ship. There were a lot of things there for them to
do, rock climbing, a teen club and a movie theathre.

We spent a day on the private owned island of Coco Cay, sunning
and walking. Lunch was served by the crusie ship on the island.
The water was so beautiful, so blue. Yes, for the
first time in my life (that I know of) I got in the ocean.
The next day was spent at Key West. We walked around, shopped, took
in some tours and we all just had a great time.

My best experience was on the ship. The islands were nice,
Key West so pretty, but I loved the treatment we recieved on the ship.
Like I said, I felt like a queen.

The next cruise was taken with just my Lori and I, no kids. We did more,
but the experience on the ship itself, was not near as nice.
Different cruise line.